Foreign Exchange Students still looking for Valley Homes

Sherry Fox
The Fox family picking up Michelle at the airport

Do you have a spare room? How about a sense of adventure and a desire to share your culture?

If so, Sherry Fox of El Centro has a program for you, and a foreign exchange student.

Fox is the ASSE International Exchange Student Program liaison and is responsible for placing foreign exchange students from 15 to 19 years old in Valley homes.

Sherry Fox 2She has already placed three students for this upcoming school year, including Michelle, a German girl who will be staying in her home and attending high school in El Centro.

“We are so excited. We chose Michelle last January from the large list available and have been communicating with her since then. Monday we pick her up at LAX and can hardly wait.”

Fox and her family have hosted a student previously and the promise of acquiring a friendship for life is not quite true. “It’s more than a friendship, Lucas is like our son. We still speak to him constantly. His father died recently and he told my husband he is his only father now. That brought tears to my husband’s eyes.”

The other two students will be attending Imperial High School, one is a girl from the Ukraine and the other is a boy from Denmark.

They will be enjoying all the perks of their senior year such as prom and graduation. According to Fox, those time-honored traditions are not available in their home countries.

Fox still has other students waiting for a home to open up in the valley.

“I can set up a home visit and have you qualified in 24 hours,” Fox said.

Once qualified, ASSE has files of students available that one can look through. Each student has been pre-qualified also. Each student must have good grades, leadership qualities, and of good character.

“There are no photos, each family must choose the student only by the information in their files and biographies. However, once they have chosen their students, then the whole file is available, including photos,” Fox added.

Fox said that the student must be able to have their own room and a place to study. They come with their own insurance and spending money.

“We want families that are willing to accept these students into their homes and hearts. It is a life changing experience, a wonderful experience,” Fox emphasized.

The foreign exchange student also participates with the other exchange students visiting cultural locations throughout Southern California according to Fox.

Fox is hoping several other Valley families step forward. “We have almost 30 students that have planned on coming as an exchange student for a year and now have no adopted home.”

If interested in hosting a foreign exchange student, contact Sherry Fox at (760) 356-0746 or email at


Each year, ASSE and its affiliates place several thousand students, ages 15 to 18, in host families throughout the world. ASSE International Student Exchange Programs invites you and your family to join all the families in our country and throughout the world in this memorable and valued cultural experience. Students come from Europe, Asia/Pacific, the Middle East, the Americas and Africa.