UPDATE: Flames Blaze at Local Inferno Restaurant in Brawley

Outside stage burns at Inferno Restaurant.

UPDATE – The cause of the Inferno Restaurant fire has been determined.

According to Brawley Fire Chief Chuck Peraza, the cause of the fire was an electrical malfunction. The point of origin was at the back of the stage area.

There were about $5,000 in damages, according to owner Ray Babb.

“It could have been a lot more if not for the rapid arrival of the Brawley Fire Department,” said Babb.


BRAWLEY – At approximately 2:15 p.m. on Friday, March 11, smoke started to appear at a local restaurant, known as Inferno.

Flames followed shortly towards the back of the outside seating area at the stage during 25 mph winds.

The fire was quickly extinguished by the Brawley Fire Department.

It appears the outdoor stage was destroyed.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown and The Brawley Fire Department will investigate.

Behind the destroyed Inferno Restaurant stage where smoker is located.


  1. Whoa people!!! Pd and Fire responded very quickly, it was not 20 minutes, I know because I was there and called 911. Make sure you have the facts before jumping to conclusions or making accusations please.

    • You go girl! Just by looking at the picture any fool can tell that fire couldn’t have been burning very long when it was put out. Arsonists attack at night when most people are asleep. Not in the middle of the afternoon when Shaeley is on patrol.

  2. I was at inferno when the fire started. It did not take the fire department to get here, they responded within minutes.

  3. What took the police and the fire department so long to get there? The police department is less than a block away! The fire station is maybe 3 minutes away. Obviously, there is an aronist in town.

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