Jim_Shinn“Go and make disciples” is the Matthew mandate and it is followed up by the other Gospel guys. The Word of God says it over and over again, in word and deed, to teach others.

We are responsible to our brethren to teach them. Most of you men out there are thinking in terms of male to male, and the Bible has that example, with Paul mentoring Timothy.

A question for the men, are you mentoring anyone? Making any disciples? Are you mentoring only males?

In most churches, we disciple through service. It happens teaching Sunday school, working with and encouraging the youth, Wednesdays at Awana, and going along on trips to camps and conferences.

Most mentoring for younger men is, and should be, male to male. But what about the girls? Men need to step up and reach down to lift up our daughters and other girls within our sphere of influence.

Now we need to be cautious about physical contact, but with so many single parent (mothers only) families, we need to provide spiritual support from a male perspective.

Before I was saved, I volunteered to be a driver for a church youth group going to a concert. It was parental duty for my younger step-daughter.

I wasn’t looking forward to it, because Jesus music was something I had never heard of, and I wasn’t shopping either.

worship3Well, God was seeking me and being the creative, manipulative, downright sneaky Savior that He is, He used music as well to capture the heart of a new disciple.

That first concert, led me to hear live, both Third Day and the Newsboys, together on the same stage. WOW! I was blown away. Not just with the quality of music, but also the message.

My serving led to my later being saved. That was a long time ago, but I have had the chance to help others on their journey as repayment for a debt I can never pay.

Much of the New Testament is devoted to discipling and what stands out is Paul’s relationship with Timothy and his many encouraging words. We need to do that too, but let’s not forget the ladies. Girls in the church need spiritual fathers.

Women in the workplace need Godly men to support them. Of course, words of caution. Avoid the appearance of sin such as being alone with a female churchworship2 member or co-worker, and keep yourself accountable by sharing information about these spiritual activities with your spouse, pastor or other church leaders.

In my counseling center, I am blessed to supervise a young, energetic, spiritual mature, marriage and family therapist who is an intern. I keep my wife privy to all our meetings.

To become a licensed professional counselor, it requires 3,200 hours of post-graduate work under the supervision of a licensed, experienced counselor.

Part of my calling, is to supervise interns, but it is even better when we can spend time praying and integrating God’s work with treatment plans.

My work doesn’t stop there. My 10 year old grandson has female friends in the hood. I have also been blessed to pray with them at different times.

praying coupleIt requires thousands of hours of supervision for my intern to become licensed. It requires a lot less to lead a lady to the Lord, whether young or old.

I have been blessed to have made that type of contribution to the kingdom. How about you? How about serving a sister this week or year? Remember, nowhere in the Word does it say the disciple needs to be a dude!