First Responders Relax with the Elks Club on Patriot Day

Firefighters and Brawley PD officers with a special flag donated by Officer Ron Weir.
Firefighters and Brawley PD officers pose with a special flag, flown in Guantanamo Bay, donated by Officer Wes Burns.

BRAWLEY — The Brawley Elks Club held its annual luncheon for all first responders in Brawley Sunday, September 11, as a thank you for all they do for the town.

All first responders were invited, including Brawley Police, firefighters, and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  The Elks served hamburgers and hot dogs and provided a place to relax for an hour.  The food and respite offered first responders time to unwind and grab a bite to eat before going right back out onto the streets.

“It’s nice of them, and it’s a good club,” said Fire Captain Rodger Smith. The Brawley Elks Club has held this luncheon for years, according to  Smith.

“It’s good for us to be out in the public,” said firefighter Alberto Cosio, “We’re just ordinary people.”

It was a special day in the fact that it was Patriot Day, or rather 9/11, the day first responders’ lives in New York and Washington D.C. were on the line.  They still are every day they work in Brawley, and the Elks wanted to show appreciation.

“They work so hard to keep our community safe, and they don’t always get a lot of kudos for it,” said Chairman Ron Stillman.