Fireworks Soar Above Brawley In Honor of 2016 Graduates

Madison Abbati spoke to her classmates to wish them a bright future.
Madison Abbati spoke to her classmates to wish them a bright future.

BRAWLEY – On an exhilarating night of celebration, Brawley’s graduating seniors took to the football field Thursday, June 9th to commemorate their achievements with friends and family over the past four years. Jesse Sanchez, Brawley High’s principal, inaugurated the ceremony by congratulating the graduates for reaching this milestone, which demonstrated their effort and determination to succeed.

Sanchez then addressed the entire assembly about perseverance and the need to work hard to overcome the life’s various obstacles. As the podium was approached by the 2016 counselor, Veronica Vega, applause broke out as the seniors started chanting her name with obvious endearment. Vega in turn congratulated the seniors for their great success. Noting the special place the seniors held with her, Vega celebrated that though they had a wide range of personalities, they were united in the desire to always strive well in the challenges they undertook.

Speaking on behalf of the graduates, Madison Abbati led her fellow classmates in celebrating their successful completion of their high school careers. She went on to wish everyone a bright future and encouraged them to never forget what the last four years had taught them.

A firework display met the crowd’s approval as the last graduates received their diplomas, and formally transitioned to their next stage of life in the company of joyful friends and family.

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