Final July 2014 Haiti Update


haitiThe team all got to their homes at around midnight Monday night. Pastor Norm and Pastor Jim came down with Chikungunya the day we left Haiti – they were miserable on the way home. 

Norm ended up in the hospital yesterday getting tests run and an IV for hydration.  He is doing better today.

Jim is still in severe pain and is trying to get in to a doctor in the same group as his oncologist in Palm Desert.

I asked them to get tested and report it because the CDC is trying to track where it ends up in the US.

Please pray for both of them to feel better soon and against any mosquitoes that would bite any of us and spread it around California.

As far as I know, no one else has it, however, I understand that it has an incubation period of 7 days; so any of us could have it and just not have symptoms yet.

For those of you who don’t know what Chikungunya is, it is a mosquito born/spread illness that has no prevention and no cure.

It has been in Africa for a long time but just recently made its way to the Caribbean and has spread like wildfire.

They call it broken bone disease because in addition to a high fever and headache, your joints, particularly in your legs, hurt really bad, like they are broken.

It lasts for a few days and then it goes away.  It’s not fatal.

Everyone on the team is talking about how they can’t wait to go back, which is always a blessing for me to hear.

Celissa told me that the day after the crusade all kinds of people from the village were texting her, (they may not have money for food, but everyone in Haiti has a cell phone, lol) telling her how much they loved the crusade and appreciated that we came there and did that.

No one has ever done anything like that in Barbancourt.  They told her that they want us to do it again next year, but for 7 days or more.

Celissa also thinks that next year we should do it in the city of Arcahaie in the big park area, with a permit from the government, which means we would get free security, a much larger venue, and reach a lot more people…we will see how they Lord leads.

The biggest news is that the Mambo, Madame Delcamis, who is supposedly the Voodoo Priest Andrew’s sister, who came to the Lord at the eyeglass clinic after attending the crusade the night before, burned everything she used to use for the devil.

Everyone in the village was so surprised by that.  Even I am!  I was wondering if she would really stick with her decision after our team left, considering how entrenched she was in this and how it was her livelihood, and she’s not young, I would guess about 65.

She said that the crusade changed her life and that is why she called the pastor to pray for her and gave her life to Christ.

According to Pastor Leonce, who kept track of all the people who came forward to receive Christ at the Crusade, about 200 got saved at the Crusade, and that doesn’t count those from the clinics, village walks, the hospital and the crusade on La Gonave Island, which I would guess would be a total of around 75 more.

Praise the Lord, that’s what it’s all about.  Please pray that these people can now get discipled and grow.  Celissa and Kenol (our staff) are supposed to be starting weekly Bible studies for women and men (separate) in the village to disciple them.

Several people have asked how they can financially support this ministry.  I really need to get our website up and running again and start getting regular newsletters out, (so people can give online or in the return envelopes) but I just seriously have not had the time.

I’m going to try my best to get this done in the next few weeks.  In the meantime, if anyone feels led to give (money is needed right now to purchase everything to finish and stock the orphanage so that it can open) you can make out a tax-deductable check to IV Hope for Haiti and mail it to 585 West Orange Ave., El Centro, CA, 92243.

I’ve said it before, but seriously, THANK YOU, to all of you at home who covered this team, trip, and ministry in prayer.

God listened and responded powerfully, faithfully, in awesome ways, and many souls were saved from Hell and you will meet them someday in Heaven.  Bondye beni ou!  (God bless you).

In Christ,

Nikki Rothfleisch