Fiery Accident kills four near Calexico


CHP new logoCALEXICO—Imperial Valley Sheriff logs reported a tragic multi-vehicle accident in Calexico just after midnight Friday involving a car and a motorcycle which they reported three confirmed deaths.

While local social media pages erupted Saturday morning with reports of a popular Brawley Union High School custodian and his family tragically being killed in an accident on Highway 98 after a collision with a motorcycle, no corroborating information on identities of the victims was available from law enforcement agencies at press time.

The CHP did issue a News Release stating a male driver from Westmorland, 47, a Westmorland two-year old girl, and a Westmorland woman of undetermined age were driving east on Highway 98, west of Ferrell Road, in a 2015 Nissan Pathfinder. A male, age and city of residence unknown, driving a 1993 Kawasaki Vulcan collided in the east bound lane with the Nissan. According to the report, the circumstances causing the accident are unknown, but an investigation is ongoing. The CHP report stated four had died, while the earlier sheriff’s log’s only had three confirmed deaths.

The Imperial County Sheriff’s logs for Saturday, March 26, reported the CHP calling in a complaint to Renee Galvan, the Sheriff’s night dispatcher, with a notice of a car on fire blocking the intersection of Highway 98 and Ferrell in Calexico. The Sheriff’s deputies that responded were E. Thompson, E. Frazier, and G. Figueroa.

The call by the CHP for assistance to the Sheriff’s office went out eight minutes after midnight on March 26. The first unit arrived 20 minutes later. The officers remained on the scene until 4:50 a.m. Saturday morning.

Reach Air Medical Service was put on standby upon receiving the call from the CHP, but the order to stand down was issued soon after Sheriff’s deputies arrived.

The Sheriff’s logs positively identified one deceased, and then reported a motorcycle in the accident. The logs ended with three confirmed dead, two in the car and the motorcyclist. No names were listed.

Sheriff’s logs are not conclusive, but report the primary scene investigation.

Although no names have been released in the car crash just after midnight near Calexico, it is believed that those who lost their lives in the car were Carl Platt, his fiancé, and their daughter.

Billy Brewer, Brawley Union High School (BUHS) Athletic Director, expressed his thoughts on the death of Carl Platt, who was the maintenance supervisor at BUHS.

“It’s devastating,” said Brewer. “We loved Carl. He was great. We are shocked. I honestly can’t believe it. Carl will be missed dearly at the high school. He always had a smile on his face. He always had a positive outlook with the students and our staff. He would do anything to help a kid on that campus. Carl was a special person. He was a great role model for the kids to be around. He always gave that extra effort at work and I appreciated that. He always went that extra mile. His positive outlook will be sorely missed at that campus.”


  1. Dad I love you and miss !!Hardest time and pain I have ever felt.
    My dad has always been extra careful….for himself and others.
    I have two things say :
    1. Please be safe and mindful when sharing the road.
    2.For media:you are talking about someone’s family at a sensitive time.So be clear, tell the truth, or get your story in full details so you can say it like it happened.

    Just to make it clear.It wasn’t my dad’s fault.


  2. My dad Joey liked to watch sports and play his guitar.I Was looking forward to singing with my dad soon. He was in Imperial Valley and I live Cabazon. Didn’t get a chance. My sister Brenda just had a baby. She’s coming from Florida and I just had a daughter that my dad didn’t get to meet. I miss him so much. It hurts so bad.His oldest grandson is in college studying to be a phsycologist. My dad graduated Calexico High in 74. We thank everyone whose been there for me and my sister.If anyone can help… in anyway for my family to have memorable service to celebrate the life we all shared with him. We greatly apprecuated. I will post whereally you can help.

  3. God bless all involved. I knew carl and it’s hard to hear this news. I am deeply in your gratitude as family and as a friend. May if granted see each other as equals. God bless everyone at BUHS.

  4. May God give you all in both families the comfort n peace of mind needed to deal with your loss. I pray that you all will heal with time. May all your loved ones rest in peace and be in the presence of our Father above.

  5. T boy a extrañar soldado thats how i use to call him when i was working whit him back in 99 when i. Met him always jocking around . Descansa en paz.u will b missed.

  6. It is a tragedy all around. Carl, Lupita, their Baby Girl and the motorcyclist, you will all be missed dearly by your families. My heart goes out to everyone touched by this. May they all Rest In Peace.

  7. My heart goes out to all family members of those lost in this horrific accident. May God be with you during this very sad time.

  8. ny name is claudia medina. my sister is brenda. My dad was invoved in the accident. My dad was akways extra carefuk ob his motorcycle. He had been riding for severak years. It;s so tragic to loose everyone involved. He was going home from work.My dad was loving, responsible and funny. We miss him and love him.”We love you dad’. My dad has 3 sisters Esmeralda, Blancal and Rachael.My dad retired from the military and wa working. Sorry to the other family,we feel your pain.

    • My sinceras condolences Mija. K Dios les de Fortaleza en estos momentos tan difficil. Me imagino el dolor tan grande k Tienen pero Mija. Hay k ser fuerte para la familia. K Dios Los bendiga

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