Fed Agencies Throw Down the Gauntlet in Summer Food Fight



Courtesy: El Centro Sector Border Patrol
Courtesy: El Centro Sector Border Patrol

EL CENTRO, Calif. – Team Green Machine representing the El Centro Sector of the Border Patrol will square off against NAF El Centro’s Global Force for Good in a competition of compassion as both groups seek to raise the most amount of food for the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

The local contest, which runs from July 29th, until August 30, 2013, is part of the annual Feds Feed Families Food Drive led by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and with the support of the Chief Human Capital Officers Council and other agency partners.

Since the campaign began in 2009, Federal workers have donated and collected 15.2 million pounds of food and other non-perishable items to support families across America. In 2012, the Department of Defense raised more than 2.1 million pounds of food which helped to fill the shelves in local food banks.

The food drive happens each summer for a specific reason, donations to food banks go down and demand goes up. Additionally, children are out of school and do not have the same access to meals. Last year NAF El Centro donated 22,500 pounds to the food bank and the El Centro Border Patrol donated over 28,000 pounds.

“We are doing this contest for bragging rights, a little friendly rivalry between two agencies, however the real winner will be the communities here in the Imperial Valley serviced by the food bank,” said Kristopher Haugh, Deputy Public Affairs Officer for NAF El Centro.

“I think that the competitive nature of the personnel at our two agencies combined with our sense of service will drive this competition into a successful campaign to replenish the food supply at the Imperial Valley Food Bank,” said Border Patrol Agent Trevor Ambrosini, Border Community Liaison Representative at the El Centro Border Patrol Station.

“We welcome the challenge if other agencies would like to get on board and join us,” Haugh added.

In order to keep the contest as fair as possible, collected food will be considered on a per capita basis. The 700 men and women of the base will face off against Border Patrol’s legion of 1200 personnel.

“Pound for pound, we can take them,” Haugh added.

The Imperial Valley Food Bank is currently operating with approximately 500,000 lbs. less food than it had last year according to statements by food bank personnel.

Will the Green Machine run out of steam or will the Global Force for Good be dispersed? Find out in five weeks when the results of this Battle Royale are revealed!

For more information on this contest please contact Trevor Ambrosini at TREVOR.N.AMBROSINI@cbp.dhs.gov and Kristopher Haugh at KRISTOPHER.HAUGH@navy.mil.