Family, Pro-Life Groups: Government Deal Does Nothing to Help Families



WASHINGTON D.C. – Although the U.S. Congress reached a deal Wednesday evening to fund the government, pro-family groups say the agreement will hurt American families and threaten religious freedom.

“Obamacare will continue unabated on the so-called Senate ‘deal’ and those opposed to this oppressive law and who believe in our fundamental freedoms must not give up,” said Family Research Council President Tony Perkins. “We certainly won’t back down.”

Signed into law in March 2010, the so-called Affordable Health Care Act requires larger businesses to offer health insurance to those who work 30 or more hours a week. Most Americans oppose the law. In addition to containing funding for abortions, it also punishes Christian businesses by requiring them to offer potential abortion-inducing drugs in their employee health plans.

Mainstream media outlets are still blaming Republicans for the partial government shutdown, which began Oct. 1. What really happened? House Republicans passed a budget bill, which included the postponement of Obamacare. The Senate refused to pass it.

Not only will the health care law force Americans to fund abortions, it will also harm the already struggling economy by increasing the national debt by at least $75 billion a year. Experts say it will leave millions uninsured and will force many businesses to shut down.

Both chambers of Congress passed a short-term budget bill on Wednesday. The Senate, which introduced the bill, approved it with an 81-18 vote. The House, late in the day, voted 285-144. All House Democrats and 87 Republicans voted for the bill; 144 Republicans opposed it.

In a letter to House Speaker Boehner Wednesday, pro-life leaders said Americans deserve better than another “Washington deal” and “political gamesmanship”:

The latest deal offers no meaningful relief from Obamacare. No defunding of the law, no delay of the law or even the individual mandate, no protection of conscience or an end to abortion subsidies. No elimination of the unlawful exchange subsidies for members of Congress and their staffs. So while Washington is taking care of politically connected special interests, Americans around the country will continue to be exposed to the harmful effects of Obamacare. Make no mistake, a vote for a deal like this is a vote to move forward with Obamacare.

Perkins, who is among the nearly two-dozen leaders who signed the letter, said the law’s most damaging effects have yet to be seen.

“While the ACA’s bad medicine is already evident in rising healthcare premiums and faulty exchanges, the most far-reaching and irreversible damage to America’s First Freedom, the freedom to live according to the dictates of your faith, has yet to be realized in its totality,” he explained. “We will continue to fight for the freedoms of Americans, rather than protect the Washington establishment as Congress takes up future spending bills.”