Family of Slain Brawley Resident Addresses City Council



Katherine Spieler addresses Brawley city council about the murder of Bud Roberts.

BRAWLEY — A spokesperson for the family of homicide victim Bud Roberts addressed the Brawley City Council Tuesday asking for help in resolving Roberts’ unsolved murder that occurred nine years ago.

Katherine Spieler, the girlfriend of Roberts’ son, Ryan, spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“I’m here representing the Roberts’ family,” said Spieler, “and most importantly, William David ‘Bud’ Roberts. Bud was an amazing man and a great father. He loved this town, but most of all, he loved his family. On Friday, July 13, 2007, he was murdered at his home in his bed. A place of dreams quickly became a place of nightmares. Nine years have gone by and still no justice for Bud.”

“Recently, a program called ‘Crime Watch Daily’ picked up our story on Bud’s murder and the story aired October 7, 2016,” said Spieler. “I’m here tonight to try to bring more awareness to this story and ask that the council help seek justice for his murder. Our goal is to put the person responsible behind bars. After the program aired, many people came forward and could not believe this is still ongoing. Our family and our community are outraged. We believe the person responsible for his murder is walking around free, living her life, getting married, getting divorced, and possibly even living out of the country.”

“We would like to know why the Brawley Police Department and the District Attorney’s office will not move forward with this case,” asked Spieler. “Our story and the stories of others have made them look incompetent. They are supposed to uphold the law and protect the people. I am here to ask the council to help seek justice for Bud. Please encourage the police department and the DA to do the right thing.”

“This case lies with the DA’s office,” said Mayor Donnie Wharton in answer to her comments. “I would make the highest recommendation that the DA’s office be engaged.”

The case was investigated by the Brawley Police Department, according to Brawley Police Chief Michael Crankshaw. All of the information gathered by detectives was given to the District Attorney’s Office, but the case reportedly was not prosecuted due to insufficient evidence.







  1. The highest recommendation that the DA’s office “be engaged”??? Weren’t they earlier??? Why would it take a “recommendation” from the city council for the DA to do their job???

  2. It was not properly investigated. There is evidence out there that will point in the direction of the “person responsible for this”. Bud and his family deserve justice and closure. The DA said there was insufficient evidence to move forward, well they failed to investigate this properly and locate all the evidence. This show that just aired this story pretty much solved the crime!!

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