Families Brave Cold to Enjoy Movie Night at Bucklin Park

EL Centro locals settle in to watch the holiday comedy “Elf” on Monday night at Bucklin Park.

EL CENTRO- El Centro partnered up with the Imperial County Film Commission to host Family Movie Night to 50 spectators for the holiday comedy, “Elf” starring Will Ferrell at Bucklin Park on Monday.

The families surrounded the park pavilion on a brisk 54 degree evening prepared with blankets and lawn chairs to ensure a cozy spot for the popular Christmas classic.

“We didn’t realize the temperature would drop so much this week, given the fact that we are so close to Christmas. We don’t mind it being a little chilly out here to give us that holiday flavor,” said El Centro Deputy City Manager Marcela Piedra about the temperature and timing.

Nachos and hot cheese, as well as toasty hot dogs, were available for the public to enjoy as they settled into their seats beside loved ones for a night of laughter.

“We wanted to give families something free and entertaining to do while the kids are on break, so we just thought a simple holiday movie in the park would be fun,” explained Charla Teeters Imperial County Film Commissioner.

Bucklin Park was selected because of its central location, open space, and pavilion that provide electricity and structure to properly accommodate a film viewing.

“It’s a beautiful park, every one knows where it is, and this is the first time we’ve paired up with the City of El Centro to have a movie night at the park for the public.  The film commission is here, we are part of the community, and we enjoy throwing these types of events and just hope that people enjoy themselves,” said Teeters.

“This was something that the city had been thinking about doing for a while. So we decided to do it specifically in December when the kids are on vacation, something for the entire family to come out and enjoy,” added Piedra.