Faith group to Pentagon: Why are you listening to an atheist?


Citing examples of private access being granted to atheists, the American Family Association is asking the Pentagon to offer the same courtesy for Christians.

This week AFA dispatched a letter to the U.S. Air Force requesting a face-to-face meeting with Pentagon officials over recent incidents in which Christianity has been censored at military installations. At the center of many of those incidents is a group known as the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which, according to AFA, has urged the Air Force to begin a “cleansing” of any public expression of the Christian faith in the military.

Bryan Fischer, director of issues analysis for American Family Association, tells OneNewsNow that atheist Mikey Weinstein – president of FFRF – is issuing orders to the Pentagon. In response, says AFA, military leaders are marching to his “anti-Christian directives.”


“[Weinstein] met in the spring of this year with the leadership of the United States Air Force, had a private meeting with them in the Pentagon,” notes Fischer, “and since then we’ve seen a severe restriction of religious liberty in the Air Force.”

There was a picture with a religious theme in a cafeteria at an Idaho base. Weinstein called the base commander and the picture was removed 56 minutes later. In an online commentary, an Alaska base chaplain quoted President Eisenhower with a religious reference. Weinstein called the base commander who within five hours had the chaplain’s piece removed. And several members of Congress are questioning Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel as to why the Air Force would grant private meetings with Weinstein.

Fischer explains it is “simply a matter of fairness” that AFA is asking for the courtesy of a meeting with the Pentagon.

“We’re not asking for special treatment,” he says. “We are simply asking for the same kind of access that the Air Force is willing to give to someone who is a secular fundamentalist. We believe the Air Force owes it to us and that it is right for them to give us this kind of meeting.”

The military’s history from the beginning has emphasized faith, not atheism.