Experiencing God in Uganda

El Centro resident, Elijah Banaga, getting love from Uganda children while on mission with Burning Bush, Int.

By Elijah Banaga

A few weeks ago I travelled to Uganda with Burning Bush International. The experience filled me with a renewed desire to rely on God’s promises. Coming from the western church, I saw the intense desperation of the people in Africa for the things of God. They were hungry for the Lord and their worship times showed it. Whether dancing or on their knees their expression showed their hunger. You cannot love and not express. You cannot be hungry and it not leak from your life. This was something I learned from the people. Their God was not just an idea he was their necessity. Their lifestyle is one that is so unsure.

The Ugandan people MUST believe in God because He is their only source. As Westerners, sometimes our hearts grow numb to experiencing God in every asset of His character because we are so independent. We can get by. Necessity is not in our vocabulary because we are strong, capable, and independent. The people I met were like children who desperately needed their Daddy to come through for them every day and everyday was an adventure but they were satisfied because He always came through.

It’s no wonder Jesus said God hides things from the “wise and learned” and reveals things to “little children.” From the prisons to the remote villages; there was one thing that the people of Uganda had, that was childlike faith. They may have not known how God would come through, but they knew he would. And through ministries like Burning Bush International He did. Five villages celebrated the gift of clean water for the first time provided by Imperial Valley donors; hundreds of dresses were given to needy girls, and mostly love extended across the globe into places that had seemed to have been forgotten. As I learn to wean myself off my own independence I learn to lean into the Father like a little child and as I pull close to Him I feel his heart tor the needs of His children.

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