Everyday a Day of Prayer


I am not a prayer warrior. It is not my spiritual gift. We have many prayer warriors in my church. I do pray and pray more than before. I have grown in this area. I hope you grow from different circumstances. My pastor and friend got leukemia and that kicked my prayer life up a couple notches. When it comes to prayer, I am an ADD Christian. I forget and get distracted. One of my gifts is service, hence I type on.


I hope you pray every day. If you want to increase your prayer life, pray about it. Read the Word and find someone to pray with. You could also attend the activities of the National Day of Prayer, which is Thursday, May 1.


If you haven’t participated, round up the kids, family or friends and make it down to Christ Community Church in El Centro, at 6th and Orange. Worship begins before the 7:00 pm event. It is an awesome experience and a chance to see friends from the kingdom. It is also an opportunity to hear some good preaching.


Being an ADD Christian, I am often not focused in my prayer. The National Day of Prayer is dedicated to seven points in the prayer. I like this a lot. I forget how much prayer is needed. God says we should pray continuously. Again I fall short.


I am also challenged in the quality of prayer. It is important to pray for more than family, food and friends. If you attend, prayer will be for our governmental leaders, the church, those serving in military, our families, the education system, media and the business community. All are under attack.


We have ungodly leaders in government. Church attendance is down—at least it is in our church. Church leaders go astray. We need to pray for protection for those who protect us in the military.


The family is under attack—not only divorce and folks living together, but also a change in definition. Knees should be wearing out trying to stop the movement for same-sex marriage. Schools are under attack by guns and godless thinking. The media often mocks our messiah and the greed in business is off the profit charts. Lots to pray for, don’t you agree? Not just one day a year, but every day!


I also like to attend the prayer breakfast that is organized by the Salvation Army. It is on Thursday, but in the morning beginning at 6:30 am at the Ryerson Hall at Broken Spoke Golf Course.


It is a very pleasant way to start the day. Friends abound and forget about your fast for a day. The grub is good and God is present. It is also a perfect experience for those Christians with short attention spans.


The speakers are many, but their words are few. No one goes for more than five minutes. Again—God, good food and fellowship. Now that is an answer to prayer!


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