Eric Holder ripped for injecting race into school discipline debate


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Joe Hicks
Joe Hicks

A conservative black leader says despite complaints from the Eric Holder-led Justice Department, school systems across the country aren’t being run by a “cabal of white racist administrators.”

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that the Obama administration is calling on schools to get rid of disciplinary policies that are “overly zealous” and sometimes discriminatory. According to that report, Attorney General Eric Holder believes the problem stems from well-intentioned “zero tolerance” policies that too often inject the criminal justice system into the resolution of problems.

“Ordinary troublemaking can sometimes provoke responses that are overly severe, including out-of-school suspensions, expulsions and even referral to law enforcement – and then you end up with kids that end up in police precincts instead of the principal’s office,” Holder said.

Federal officials say when a student gets in trouble at school, he or she may face more serious punishment if the student is black. They say they’ve found cases in which those students are “disciplined more harshly and more frequently.”

OneNewsNow spoke with Joe Hicks, a member of the Project 21 (The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives). Hicks says the attorney general is obsessed with racism.

“My view of Eric Holder is that he is most racialized and the most ideological attorney general I think this nation has seen at least in the modern era,” he offers. “So here’s a man who constantly weighs in on the issues – and always weighs in from a racial aspect that black kids are being mistreated.”

The Project 21 spokesman there must be another reason for the problem other than it being race-based treatment by teachers and administrators.

“I deny you have that kind of cabal of white racists running school districts all across this country – that’s illogical, particularly in this era,” he tells OneNewsNow. “Then it must mean that something is going on in black families. The issues of fatherless families, kids who are out of control, kids who don’t have proper discipline taking place even in their own homes then taking that to school – that’s not the school’s fault.”

AP adds that while the AG’s recommendations are nonbinding, “in essence, the federal government is telling the school districts around the country that they should adhere to the principles of fairness and equity in student discipline or face strong action if they don’t.”