Elected Official Responsibilities



letters to the editorI believe that as elected officials we need to serve with integrity to our electorate.

If our situation of residency changes after we have been elected then we need to again serve our electorate with integrity and follow the basic intent of the electorate when they elected us, that we reside in our district.

We need for our board member to honestly give answers to the address of her residence, where she is spending the majority of her time. If this is no longer her ICOE district, she needs to thank her electorate, resign her position and pursue her dreams.

If the residency information in question is not provided and until the matter is legally resolved, this matter needs to continue as an investigation to protect ICOE and its board of trustees from any possible exposure to any form of legal action.

It is unfortunate we have to look into the gray areas of the statutes in reference to a board member’s residency. Yet, we received a complaint alleging one of our board members lives out of district and we can not turn a blind eye. We must serve with integrity to our district electorate.

Sharon Anderholt
ICOE Board of Education Member, Area 4