El Centro Sector Border Patrol Held Citizens’ Academy Graduation


10-30-15 ELC Citizen Academy
IMPERIAL, Calif. —El Centro Sector Border Patrol agents hosted a Citizens’ Academy designed to provide the “trainees” a first-hand look at Border Patrol operations.

Sessions were three hours long once a week for a six week period. Trainee had opportunities to explore the different facets of U.S. Border Patrol operations, facilities, and equipment. The program included tours of the international boundary, tactical infrastructure and technology used to secure the border.

Trainees were also provided insight with the rigorous training agents undergo including defensive tactics, high altitude rappelling, and mock and virtual reality scenarios encountered by Border Patrol agents in the field.

“Our citizens’ academy provided us the ability to interact with the community and offer participants a better understanding of the work Border Patrol agents do daily to protect our country,” said Assistant Chief Patrol Agent David Kim.Participants of El Centro Sector’s Citizens’ Academy.

The Citizens’ Academy graduated its 14 participants on Wednesday.