El Centro Police Department receives video regarding death of Mr. Charles Sampson Sr.


el-centro-police-department logoEL CENTRO – This afternoon we became aware that a law firm released a highly-edited video related to the regrettable death of Charles Sampson Sr. on December 3, 2013.

On the evening depicted in the video, Mr. Sampson ingested what the coroner’s report listed as “a lethal amount of methamphetamine.” The forensic pathologist’s report indicated, in part, that Mr. Sampson had “a history of methamphetamine and cocaine usage” and he “suffered from an acute methamphetamine intoxication which resulted in his ultimate demise.”

At no point while he was in custody did Mr. Sampson let the officers know he had ingested methamphetamine. In fact, he over and over again stated he did not desire or request medical attention.

The loss of any life in situations such as these is tragic, no matter the circumstances, and the loss of Mr. Sampson’s life is no different. Our heart go out to the Sampson family for their loss.