El Centro Naval Air Facility honors those fallen in terrorist attack




EL CENTRO-The Naval Air Facility held a special ceremony Friday morning, honoring all those who lost their lives in the 9/11 terrorist attack fourteen years ago.

The memorial was attended by over 100 navy personnel and it began with morning colors (raising the flag to half-mast) and the singing of the national anthem with the presidents and vice presidents of the performing joint color guard associations. Everyone was given a miniature honorary flag to place in the ground as names of all of the fallen naval officers were read.

Speakers included Captain Robertson of the federal fire department, Executive Officer Commander Adam Schlismann, and petty officer 1st class, Mathew Brooks, whose uncle died in the first World Trade Center tower.

Petty officer 1st class Robert Rogers was the primary coordinator of the event.

“We were asked if we (all first class officers) would like to put on the event since the original team was unable to host it and we jumped at the chance, this event is personal for all of us,” said Rogers.