Eddie Schiffer Brings An Elephant To Town

Study In Color Movement a mural by local artist Eddie Schiffer unveiled

CALEXICO – The City of Calexico and the Calexico Arts Commission proudly unveiled Tuesday, at the South-East and North walls of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce building on Imperial Avenue the final mural in a series of seven by local artist, Eddie Schiffer.

“I wanted to paint something that resembled the County. The elephant and chameleon represent growth in a slow but constant changing movement, while the gypsy represents culture,” said Schiffer.

The “Study In Color Movement” mural features a spray can, a spin and an Indian elephant on the South-East wall utilizing cool colors and a chameleon, a lady gypsy, and a spray can on the north wall utilizing cool colors.

“I normally don’t name my murals. It was tough coming up with one and even though I named it ‘Study In Color Movement’, I know people will refer to it as the elephant mural,” said Schiffer.

Calexico Chamber of Commerce executive director, Hildy Carillo, requested the mural to be big and colorful to attract people to the building, something that would catch people’s eyes.

“I didn’t want the typical border town painting and when I saw Eddie’s proposed drawing I absolutely loved it. Eddie knows exactly what it is to be in the art world, discipline, deadline and talent and he’s got all three.” said Carillo.

The ‘Study In Color Movement’ is the second mural Schiffer painted in the city (Calexico). Additionally, Schiffer has assisted with other murals displayed throughout the city.

“I was 23 when I first picked up a paint brush, and then later decided to take painting class.” said Schiffer. “Painting is my passion.”

Schiffer currently writes curriculum for various schools and offers a free class at The Rainforest Arts Center once per week.

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