ECRMC Urges ‘Pokémon GO’ Players to Stop Searching for Characters in Facility


pokemon go

EL CENTRO — El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) issued the following statement on its Facebook page subsequent to players entering the building to catch virtual Pokémon characters from the recently released “Pokémon GO” mobile game.

“With the recent release of the mobile game ‘Pokémon GO,’ we urge players to please refrain from entering El Centro Regional Medical Center premises, including all outpatient facilities, to catch virtual Pokémon characters. Patients are our number one priority and we will take the necessary steps to ensure patient safety and privacy. ECRMC patients, regardless if they are in the hospital or at our outpatient clinics, expect privacy, a safe environment and protection from germs. As per Hospital Policy, the use of cellular phones is prohibited. When visiting patients please also observe our Visitation Policy. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in keeping our patients and visitors safe.”