ECRMC and the Imperial County Public Health department announce that an individual was evaluated for Ebola at ECRMC.


EL CENTRO – El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) and the Imperial County Public Health Department announced a possible case of Ebola was investigated at El Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC).  The Emergency Room Physician and Infectious Disease Specialist from ECRMC, the County Health Officer, in consultation with the Physician Lead from the California Ebola Response Team determined that the individual did not meet the criteria to be considered a case of Ebola. 

The call was received by the Imperial County Duty Officer at 2:26 am this morning and the Ebola response was set in motion.  The County Health Officer was notified and consulted with the State’s Ebola Response Team.  The State’s Ebola Response Team then contacted the emergency room doctor at ECRMC for consultation.  The individual had been detained by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on October 8th and as of October 10th was being held at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Detention Center.  The individual had a history of travel in West Africa. After complaining of abdominal pain, the individual was taken to ECRMC for medical screening. After a detailed medical evaluation and review of the travel history it was determined the individual did not meet the criteria for Ebola, however the abdominal pain is being treated at the hospital.   


Tomas Virgen, Chief Executive Officer of ECRMC, stated, “This case today was an opportunity to really test our Ebola Response Plan and make sure our hospital staff is prepared to respond to a possible case of Ebola.  We are proud of the collaborative work our ECRMC Team did in conjunction with the Imperial County Public Health Department, the State’s Ebola team, and ICE.”


Dr. Stephen Munday, Imperial County Health Officer, stated, “Although this case was not determined to be a case of Ebola, it was an opportunity to test the system that we have in place in Imperial County to respond to a possible case of Ebola and make sure that our plans work.  It allows us the opportunity to refine the plan to assure maximum effectiveness.  Local hospital staff responded quickly and efficiently to this possible case.  Given the high alert for Ebola at this time, we expect to evaluate other individuals as possible cases and we will continue to work closely with the CaliforniaDepartment of Public Health (CDPH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), our two hospitals and healthcare providers to make sure that we can respond to any situation that may arise in our region.”   Due to confidentiality reasons, the identity of the individual will not be shared with the public.