EC hospital foundation holds annual Mardi Gras shrimp boil fundraiser


HOLTVILLE — The EL Centro Regional Medical Center (ECRMC) Foundation hosted its 10th annual Mardi Gras Fundraiser “Bal” at the Imperial Palm Resort Friday night to raise funds for new medical equipment to keep the hospital on the cutting edge to better serve their patients.

Starting the event, supporters participated in “Hurricane Hour” mingling and enjoying appetizers while listening to lively entertainment by “Theo and the Zydeco Patrol” in up-tempo Louisiana style jazz. Dinner was served with the ECRMC Foundation cooking its traditional “shrimp boil” following the theme and ambiance of traditional Louisiana dishes.

Marty Dineley, ECRMC volunteer services director, and hospital board members gave a special presentation as they discussed the hospital’s business and thanked individuals who supported the foundation with their time and money.

“This year, we are proud to present that we have raised over $41,000 from this event, and we will continue to use this to improve ECRMC for the patients and residents of the Valley,” said Dineley.

Three large sponsors of the many for the evening included Molina Health Care, the Reach Air Medical Service and UC San Diego Health. These groups support the work the ECRMC Foundation and the hospital provide to the present and future medical field staff, patients, and community.

The different aspects the ECRMC Foundation and the hospital support includes the replacement clothes program, the Nancy Haile Teddy Care program, the Imperial Valley Children Asthma program, ECRMC Career Path programs, and Health Care Field Scholarships.

For the replacement clothing program, ECRMC works to provide clothes to patients and their families who may not have the resources to bring clothing from their own from homes. The Nancy Haile Teddy Care program provides stuffed animals to children in the hospital to help relieve them from the anxieties they may encounter while staying in the hospital.

ECRMC also donates funds to the Imperial Valley Child Asthma Program (IVCAP), a group helping children overcome asthma in the Valley. Statistics show Imperial County has four times more the asthma cases than other states and counties. The IVCAP is the only asthma educational program in the Valley and they provide services free of charge to the community.

The ECRMC foundation also provides healthcare field scholarships to high school students who volunteer at the hospital and have a 3.5 GPA or higher.