Easter Egg Hunt Outreach Successful in El Centro




EL CENTRO – Central Baptist Church came to life Saturday, April 19, for their annual Easter Egg Hunt Outreach. The event, led by various members of the church, included free nachos, activities for children, and a huge egg hunt.


“We had a great turn out this year and everything went as planned. We want the community to know this is open to them as well and we, as a church, are always here to support them,” Tami Hernandez, the main coordinator of the event, commented.


Assisting Tami was her husband Miguel Hernandez, who led group story time, telling the children that the reason they celebrated Easter is because Jesus rose from the cross.


Of the activities during the outreach, was a booth where children made bracelets with beads that represented the gospel colors. Tori Cook aided in the bracelet making process and said that, “Some of the kids may be too young to understand what these colors represent, but the parents are standing nearby and over hearing gospel. They may not get saved today, but even if a small seed is planted in them, that’s all that matters.”


Central Baptist Church holds their church services every Sunday at 10:30 AM, and every Thursday at 6:23 PM.