E.C. Police arrest alleged narc dealer with $5M of street drugs


el-centro-police-department logoEL CENTRO – On August 13, 2013, around 9:00 AM, an El Centro Police sergeant made a traffic stop on a motorist for a minor traffic infraction.  During the stop, the sergeant’s suspicion became aroused based on what the motorist was saying and because the motorist had three cellular phones on the center console of his truck.  It is a common practice for people involved in the drug  trade to possess several cellular phones.  A drug detection canine from the Imperial Police Department was brought to the scene and gave a positive alert, for the odor of narcotics in the truck.

A search of the truck revealed it contained a false compartment.  After searching the compartment, officers discovered 85 pounds of methamphetamine and 99 pounds of cocaine with a street value of over five million dollars.

The driver; 26 year old Miguel Angel Morales-Aguero of El Centro was arrested and charged with seven felony violations including possession of a vehicle with a false compartment, possession of narcotics and transportation of narcotics.  Morales-Aguero; who is the registered owner of the Ford truck, is being held in the Imperial County Jail on two million dollars bail.

“Officers are trained to take in the totality of what they see and what they hear when making an enforcement stop and this time a significant amount of narcotics were taken out of circulation because the sergeant relied upon his training”, said Commander Jeff Mason.