DVBRA ends season of tight corners and fast times with awards



BRAWLEY – The Desert Valley Barrel Racing Association (DVBRA) held their annual awards meeting at Cattle Call Arena in Brawley, Monday night.

Racers and their families gathered under the trees in the park besides the arena where they earned their belt buckles and other awards by clocking the fastest times either weaving through a line of poles or circling three barrels and speeding past the timer.

President Jennifer VanDerLinden and Vice-president Kris Gomez handed out gifts down to four places for pole bending and barrel racing per division.

Board member Joanie Moore said, “We had a very successful season, even attracting riders from San Diego that came to every event.”

The winners were:

AAA Barrels –      Jacque Hannon on Lucky – 1st

                                    Kris Gomez on Classy –  2nd

AA Barrels -        Tana Castro on Renegade – 1st

Lexi VanDerLinden on Billy – 2nd

Maddy Colace on Richard – 3rd

Victoria Wysocki on Jewel – 4th

A Barrels -           Daniielle Standiford on Gypsy – 1st

Kristen Sharp on Ginger – 2nd

Mishaila Sampson on Moe – 3rd

Nancy Elmer on Snickers – 4th

B Barrels –            Ashlynn Brandt on Chubby – 1st

Kaylynn Sampson on Misty – 2nd

Jacque Hannon on Young Gun – 3rd

Chelsey Roper on Charlie – 4th

C Barrels-             Anne Locker on Matilda – 1st

D Barrel winners
D Barrel winners

D Barrels –           Ruby Robbins on Palomino – 1st

Jessica Friley on Pepper – 2nd

Chloe Roper on Freddy – 3rd

Cidney Roper on Freddy – 4th


AA Poles –           Erin Wilson on Lola – 1st

Victoria Wysocki on Jewel – 2nd

A Poles-               Mishaila Sampson on Moe – 1st

Danielle Standiford on Gypsy – 2nd

Lexi VanDerLinden  on Billy – 3rd

Nancy Elmer on Pokey – 4th

B Poles-                                Jessica Friley on Pepper – 1st

Kaylynn Sampson on Misty – 2nd

Ashlynn Brandt on Chubby – 3rd

Kristen Sharp on Ginger – 4th

C Poles –               Ruby Robbins on Palomino – 1st

Chelsey Roper on Charlie – 2nd

Chloe Roper on Freddy – 3rd

Cidney Roper on Freddy – 4th



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