Dramatic Rescue of an ISIS Captive




Liberian Red Cross health workers, wearing protective suits, carry the body of a 18-old-month baby, victim of the Ebola virus on September 12, 2014 (AFP Photo/Zoom Dosso )
Liberian Red Cross health workers, wearing protective suits, carry the body of a 18-old-month baby, victim of the Ebola virus on September 12, 2014 (AFP Photo/Zoom Dosso )


The President has finally agreed to put “boots on the ground” … in Africa!

That’s right. Mr. Obama has decided that 3,000 U.S. troops are needed in Liberia to battle a deadly virus. By declaring “war” on Ebola rather than ISIS, America’s “Campaigner-in-Chief” is, once again, refusing to recognize the true danger this brutal, barbaric terror group poses to the U.S. and the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the death toll from Ebola recently passed 2,300 last week. As horrible as that is, ISIS terrorists have killed nearly three times that many people. More than 6,000 civilians have been murdered by the barbaric terror group. Many thousands of women and girls have been kidnapped, raped, and/or sold into slavery.

Today, RUN Ministries President Eric Watt shared a heartbreaking story of a young woman who had been beaten and raped repeatedly by her terrorist kidnappers. Eric wrote in an email to my staff:

One month ago, “Ali” was kidnapped by jihadists and brutally tortured, abused and raped. Over and over. She begged the armed terrorists to stop, but they laughed at her pain and told her, “You are our slave.”

Then one day, the terrorist leader came and told Ali that he was going to sell her. She screamed and begged him to kill her because she could not bear any more pain. She knew that it would happen all over again.

whitelogoWhen she was sold, Ali covered her face and wept for 30 minutes. Finally, her new “owner” said in a gentle voice, “Dear Sister, we are good people. God sent us to buy you away from these bad people.” Ali said, “He brought me water, food and took me to a safe ‘Community of Hope’ refugee camp. I learned later that he sold his wife’s jewelry to purchase my freedom.”

More than one million Iraqi Christians and other religious minorities have been forced from their homes in northern Iraq. RUN Ministries is doing everything they can to care for and protect as many refugees as possible.

But solving the extreme humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq goes beyond food, water, shelter, and protection. An urgent medical need also exists that demands our immediate attention.

Eric says, “We are so grateful that Ali’s life was purchased for good.” But she and hundreds of refugees like her are waiting for much-needed medical care so they can recover from the pain and suffering of abuse and torture at the hands of ISIS terrorists.

RUN Ministries volunteers literally work with nothing, trying to provide adequate medical treatment to victims of torture and abuse by ISIS terrorists.

Tragically, RUN volunteers don’t have the medicine and medical supplies that so many of these refugees desperately need. “They literally have nothing,” Eric told us last week.

Bandages, splints, antiseptics, pain medications, surgical gloves, antibiotics, and much more are needed to treat injuries, infections, illness, and other serious health problems.

Many refugees have arrived at RUN’s “Community of Hope” camps after being injured, beaten, or even tortured by ISIS terrorists. Still others have been made sick by their grueling journey to escape the violence and genocide.

And yet, they continue without funds, recognition, or any of the help President Obama has sent to Liberia. They are for now, the only “boots on the ground.”