Dora E. Nuffer Bench and Brick Path Unveiling at IVC



The family of  Dora Nuffer gather around her memorial bench at IVC
The family of Dora Nuffer gather around her memorial bench at IVC

IMPERIAL – The Juanita Salazar Lowe Gallery at Imperial Valley College came to life February 7th , Friday evening, during a new bench and brick path unveiling. The gallery opened to the public to view works from artists in Baja California and offered hors d’oeuvres for the many attendees.


The family of Dora E. Nuffer, whose name graces the bench, was given the honor of uncovering the memorial. Before removing the cover, they commented that although she is gone, Nuffer was always an artist, and this bench was her next work of art.



Underneath the second cover were engraved bricks donated to help support the arts. Many brick donors came together to lift off the canvas cover and marvel in the beauty and placement of the bricks.


When viewing the bricks close up after the ceremony, IVC student Karen Preciado stated, “I need to get my name on one of those bricks,” hopeful that her art can make an impact and that she can help other artists in their artistic endeavors.


What’s next for the art department at IVC?


Brian McNeese, director of the unveiling ceremony, wants to see the campus come to life with art.


“We want to have the front entrance of the art gallery covered in a mosaic. My dream is to have a big statue here,” he said, motioning to the big space of grass in front of the art gallery.

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