Don’t ya want S’MORE?!



It’s #PSL season!

For those not up on all the latest social media lingo and trends, #PSL stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte. Despite the soaring outside temps, Sept 21st has come and gone and fall has officially begun. For most, it is time to dust off the boots, pull out the scarves and eat anything and everything that involves pumpkin.

While I love fall and am very much excited to begin baking pumpkin and apple pies galore, I am not quite ready for it. For me, October 1st will be my kick off and official start of the fall celebration. So in these last few days before that time, I am trying to savor and enjoy all the taste and memories of summer; and what better way to do that than by celebrating with a s’more!

Unless you’re Scotty Smalls from The Sandlot, you know the ooey goodness of a s’more all too well.   It’s a staple at most summer BBQ’s and bond fires. It has become a trend to package the ingredients as a party favor at weddings. It’s a classic dessert that requires only three ingredients and the original recipe is still king.

The s’more is a true icon of summer and the best way to celebrate the end of this season.

Without a fireplace and no bond fires planned, I turn to my oven knowing that I could certainly try to bake some s’mores by making a graham cracker crust and substituting the chocolate bar with a chocolate brownie.

This recipe is simple, uses only three components, and taste great.

Graham Cracker Crust: (I used cinnamon to give it a little something different, but you can use any flavor you’d like)

1). Pour a sleeve of graham crackers into a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Using a rolling pin, glass cup, or glass bottle, roll and crush the graham crackers until they become very fine. Almost like sand.

2). Pour the crushed graham crackers into a bowl and mix with 1-2 sticks of melted butter. You want to achieve a consistency like that of wet sand so it will press into the bottom of the pan easily and stick together.

3). Press into the bottom of an 8’x8’ or 9’x9’ pan and bake at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes or until golden brown

While the graham cracker crust is baking, you can mix your brownies together. Feel free to use your favorite brownie mix or homemade recipe. I used a Ghirardelli brownie mix and just followed the instructions on the back.

When the crust is nice and golden brown, take out and pour the brownie batter on top. Bake according to brownie package.

With about two minutes left cooking the brownies, pull out the pan and place the marshmallows on top. Turn the oven to broil and broil the marshmallows until they have spread and begin to turn golden brown. Watch carefully as to not burn them! If you have a kitchen torch, you can also use that to give the marshmallows some coloring once they have spread out over the brownies.

Let the pan set and cool for about twenty minutes. The marshmallows will deflate a bit but should still stick to the brownies.

This dessert was as simple as 1, 2, and 3. I hope you get the chance to enjoy this tasty treat while it’s still warm and before pumpkins take over your taste buds!