Don’t Lose Affection from the Election



 I have a great M.D. and he is Dr. Singh. He wears a turban, talks with an accent and probably is of a different religion than myself. But I love him, because he is a good doctor and a great guy. When choosing a plumber, doctor, or attorney, we choose them because they have skills that can get the job done. Did I mention that my attorney in my divorce was the now deceased Mr. Marcus? My criteria for my divorce problems, was a seriously effective advocate for my interests. I did not care about his negative reputation. Marcus did me right. They didn’t have YELP 30 years ago, but five stars from Jimbo.

President-Elect Trump doesn’t have a good reputation. Many call him a racist, misogynist and an egotistical rich jerk. That may all be true, but he seems to have been hired to do a job. Many Clinton supporters may say he can’t lead us to the Promised Land (PL) and I suspect a few are looking at airline tickets to Canada.

Using the PL metaphor, Moses was a murderer. Yet, between God and Moses’ anger, the disobedient group of Israelites behavior led to thousands of deaths after the golden calf catastrophe. He got the people to the PL, but Moses himself never got to put his size elevens on the soil of milk and honey.

America’s voters are upset about issues. Now Obama’s time to get things done is over, and Hillary was unable to continue his legacy. I think part of the reason is that we are experiencing more of the same, after eight years of a Democratic leadership team. (Some might call it “’Demon’cratic”!)

Anyway, our house is on fire and rather than put out the flames, the past president and crew planted some nice flowers of many colors in the front yard, but still the flames continue to grow. We have a deficit that has grown significantly.

How about violence in America? I think all lives matter, but people are being shot in record numbers. The economy has improved, but there is a long ways to go, especially here in Imperial Valley, where we have the highest unemployment rate in the country. And how are things going with the Islamic extremists who want to bury us! (Wait…that was Krushev and the communists in the ‘60’s). Today’s anti-Americans just want to kill us, and they are taking it to the American soil. No more planes, but some plain Islamic individuals crashing the lives of many (San Bernardino just recently). There is also immigration reform. No change there in the past eight years. Oh well!

Well we got some big problems and Trump and his team may or may not make a dent in them. Call me naïve, but I am a hopeful dude and I am always willing to give humanity a chance to make things better. Call me Pollyannaish, but I love America and things can get better. We are the best country on the planet, and I expect the best, even though the election outcome is a bit embarrassing. We have to keep our eyes on the prize, focus on the principles and not worry so much about the personalities. Trump is easy to dislike, but if he can do the job, his wart and pimples can get a pass. He really came out of nowhere, dissed both Washington and the Republican Party, and won anyway. Wow! He seems to have a pair!

I don’t like the guy, but I respect what he has done. He won! In the words of Al Davis, “Just win, baby!” No one saw it coming, and I didn’t vote for him, but I want him to be successful. Not because I will enjoy watching him give the State of the Union speeches, but if he can make things better, safer, healthier, more financially secure and a less dysfunctional Washington, well, isn’t that what he was hired to do! No, I am not going to hold my breath, but I am going to root for the winning team, which is the United States. And remember back in junior high, the guy you got in a fight with later became your good friend? I hope that happens in America, where it is a place where dreams come true!