District awards $3.1 million to offset impacts of land fallowing



The Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors approved awarding a total of $3,153,774 to 23 business development and special project recipients through the Local Entity 2012 Competitive Mitigation Program during its July 22 regular board meeting.

The mitigation program seeks to help offset socioeconomic impacts in the Imperial Valley resulting from land fallowing implemented in the IID water service territory as part of the transfer agreement with the San Diego County Water Authority.

Prior to approving the awards, directors agreed to increase available funds for the 2012 competitive mitigation program by nearly $80,000 by transferring funds from the 2010 mitigation awards program.

To qualify, projects must mitigate the effects of negative socioeconomic impacts sustained by any persons or entities within the region (as a result of IID fallowing activity) and/or provide positive economic stimulus to a broad sector of persons or businesses within the region. Categories include: business development, workforce development and special projects.

Seven recipients in the Special Projects category were collectively awarded a total of $1,133,500; in the Business Development category, $2,020,274 will be shared among 16 recipients.

As a result of getting the word out and conducting workshops to provide assistance to applicants, 92 applications were received-the highest in the history of the mitigation program, said Vince Brooke, senior project manager for the IID’s Water Department who administers the program.

“The goal was to reach as many potential applicants as possible to spread the help out as far as we can,” Brooke said. “It was quite an undertaking.”

Applications were scored by teams of readers from outside the Imperial Valley. An appeals process was conducted in which 27 applicants participated.

Special Projects category recipients:
• Cancer Resource Center of the Desert, $240,000
• Calipatria Unified School District, $200,000
• Brawley Community Foundation, $161,000
• Imperial Unified School District, $161,000
• Imperial County Office of Education, $161,000
• Imperial Valley Desert Museum, $161,000
• Boys & Girls Club of Imperial Valley, $49,500

Business Development category recipients:
• Family Style Buffet, $238,927
• Graphix Sign Co., $199,999
• Neighborhood House, $180,000
• Imperial Do-It Center, $161,000
• Desert Milling, Inc., $161,000
• Fitness Oasis, $161,000
• JCS Construction, $161,000
• El Sol del Valle, $136,850
• Roo-Hide Saddlery, $117,547
• Las Chabelas, $100,725
• Liberty Financial, $97,405
• Johnny’s Burritos, $80,500
• Fiesta Mexican Foods, $76,570
• Brownie’s Diner, $69,420
• Raspalandia, $50,659
• Raspados Rubens, $27,671


  1. family style buffet?? 300 thousand dollars. why?
    also, does someone monitor this money or can they use it to buy a new car, house or personal stuff.
    do it yourself center, that man has more money than the lottery system. why would they give it to him…?? just curiouw

    • Yes, the owners are very accountable for the money. They must prove they have used the money exactly as they said they would in the plan they submitted to the board, down to the smallest details. If they can’t account for the funds, they loose the next installment. All the money does not come in one lump sum.

      • Wow the staff reporter is very professionally in tune with this program. You sure IID didn’t buy this little online paper? They certainly have become a consistent source of revenue from the looks of the bottom of the home page. If you think this program is squeaky clean I got some ocean front property in the county I’d like to sell you. Uncle Billy Bob’s Burrito knows somebody who knows somebody…. garrunteed!!!

        • Haha….DR is totally different since it’s inception. What happened to The Socio Institute run by Mr. Reyes?

  2. Was it possible to give funding to the IC Workforce to train those who got affected by the fallowing, mainly the farm workers ? In my opinion, these are the ones greatly affected. They could be retrained and not left to just collect their unemployments. More funding should be given to training organizating.

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