District Attorney’s Office concludes Officer involved shooting case


5438cac1a5444.imageSALTON CITY-On October 07, 2014, the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office completed their independent assessment of the officer involved shooting incident involving Adrian Parra.

According to the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department report After careful and thorough review of all the documents, materials, items, and other related evidence, the District Attorney’s Office has concluded that the deputy discharged his weapon in self-defense and/or the defense of others and therefore bears no criminal liability for his actions.

The incident occurred on April 18, 2014, when a deputy from the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle that was traveling southbound on Highway 86 in Salton City, California. The vehicle was stopped for tinted front windows and failure to drive on the right side of the roadway both violations of the California Vehicle Code.

The deputy stopped the vehicle and contacted the driver. He was identified as 19-year old Salton City resident Adrian Parra and was the only occupant in the vehicle. While the deputy was speaking to driver Parra, he smelled a strong odor of marijuana emitting from inside the vehicle. Additionally noted, Parra exhibited signs of being under the influence and admitted to possessing marijuana. Parra handed the deputy a jar containing marijuana, a pipe (paraphernalia), and told the deputy that he was on probation for possession of marijuana.

Parra gave consent to allow the deputy to search his vehicle. Subsequently, another deputy arrived to assist with the traffic stop and stood by as the initial deputy asked the driver to step out of the vehicle to conduct a pat down search of Parra and proceeded to search the vehicle with his canine. The canine alerted to marijuana odor upon entering the vehicle in which a prescription bottle of liquid codeine was discovered. Parra told the deputy that it belonged to his sister and admitted to drinking some of it while he smoked marijuana.

The deputy continued his search of the vehicle while the other deputy stood on the shoulder of the highway with Parra. The deputy who was searching the vehicle discovered a backpack in the trunk of the vehicle containing a 9mm Luger AA semi-automatic pistol (resembling a mini-submachine gun) and a magazine containing 8 full metal jacket 9mm rounds. Then the deputy signaled to the other deputy who was standing next to Parra to handcuff him.

The deputy attempted to take hold of Parra’s wrist, but Parra twisted away from him, ran southbound on the roadway shoulder, and then quickly turned eastbound across Highway 86 onto the center median. One of the Deputies ordered Parra to stop, but he refused and continued to flee from the pursuing deputies. One of the deputies fell while the other continued to pursue Parra. Parra then reversed directions running back to vehicle, which was parked with the trunk left opened.

Next, Parra stopped at the rear of the vehicle, continued by retrieving his backpack from the trunk, removed and loaded the firearm, turned toward the deputy, and pointed the firearm directly at the deputy. As the deputy reached Parra’s location, he feared for his and his partner’s safety in which the deputy immediately un-holstered and fired several rounds striking Parra. Subsequently, Paramedics were called to the location along with other Sheriff’s Office personnel to manage the scene and conducted an investigation. Once the investigation was completed, it was submitted to the Imperial County District Attorney’s Office for review.


  1. You are right. Has happened to me. When IVP pissed the world off by killing the comment policy DR took a big jump in viewership, they say it 25,000 hits per day???????????? Anyways, I believe that if DR wants to stay on top that they need to stop being selective on the areas and subjects they cover. Being progressive is what got them here, now is not the time to stop. Just my opinion.

    • Based upon the advertising on the bottom of the home page Lloyd, for the most part, seems to have sold out his freedom of speech philosophy. Tough posts disappear to the back pages very quickly. It appears revenue is King even above one’s own stated conviction. Got to make that car payment.

  2. Did Otero really take time off from a BBQ, or Beach visit to investigate. We have the incompetent DA in the history of Imperial Valley. This investigation took way to long.

    • But this really chaps my hide… they always back the oinks. Down with the evil Oinks… check out Cop Watch on Facebook… they are evil now a-days… glad the Brawley cops don’t kill people.

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