Dignitaries break ground for new gym at Barbara Worth Junior High

Julie Steimel
Physical Education Department Head Julie Steimel spoke on the many advantages this new gym will bring to the school and community as PE teachers Paul Steimel and Janet Stills listen.

BRAWLEY – Ground was broke Thursday morning on the first major school construction site in over 50 years in Brawley.  The Barbara Worth Junior High officially began construction on a new gym/multi-purpose building with dignitaries donning hard hats and shovels and heralding in a new era.


Superintendent Ron Garcia welcomed board members, city officials, and the public. He informed them that soon another school would also be built. “We are past capacity at our elementary campuses. We have no room to grow.”


Board member Armando Padilla said about the new gymnasium, “This undertaking is huge and monumental and it clearly illustrates the commitment this community has for its most precious commodity, its children. The building of this gymnasium has been a long time coming, it has been the topic of conversation in the community for decades. I am truly humbled to be in the midst of those that spearheaded this endeavor.”


Julie Steimel remarked that the gym actually has classrooms where physical education can finally take place other than students standing and listening in the sun.


Jimmy Sanders Jr, architect of the gym, said the committee was dedicated to their task and for the most part, decision making was smooth sailing. “However, I do not want to mislead you. There still is controversy swirling about the gym. It is yet to be decided who the first to make a basket will be between (Superintendent) Garcia or Paul (Steimel).”


The gym will be 17,807 square feet, with three teaching stations, a full sized CIF basketball and Volleyball Court, and bleachers to seat 780 persons. The locker rooms will be remodeled according to Garcia to match the décor of the new gym.


Construction is projected to be finished in March of 2015.