‘Desert Flippers,’ New HGTV Show Featuring Palm Springs Homes, Premiers Tonight


“Wisconsin transplants Eric and Lindsey Bennett are transforming sunny Palm Springs, California one dilapidated house at a time,” HGTV says.

PALM SPRINGS – A show about one couple’s endeavor to renovate homes throughout Palm Springs will premiere on the HGTV cable network tonight.

“Desert Flippers” follows Wisconsin natives and real estate agents Eric and Lindsey Bennett as they set out to raise a family while revamping Palm Springs properties, transforming the homes from near-condemnation, in some cases, to desirable desert properties.

The eight-episode series premieres at 8 p.m., with tonight’s premiere featuring the Bennetts taking on a house that has become home to a family of scorpions.

Jim Webb, president of the Palm Springs Regional Association of Realtors, says he has high hopes that “Desert Flippers” will showcase what Palm Springs has to offer, without the scripted, over-dramatized elements endemic in some reality television shows.

“Anything that highlights the city and can benefit the local economy is a great thing,” Webb said.

The couple, who has lived in the Palm Springs area for 10 years with their three kids, began filming the series about a year ago.

“Palm Springs is booming right now,” Lindsay Bennett said. “There are new hotels, hot restaurants and young people with new families moving in all the time. The potential is incredible.”


  1. I would not watch this show ever again the women needs to learn how to decorate . It looks like furniture from goodwill!! I would hope you could replace it with someone with good taste!!! Help

  2. I’ve partially watched twice. 2 issues with authenticity: Eric mispronouncing”saguaro”, which makes him look totally unfamiliar with the Southwest. Second, adding a lg black scorpion to a front porch shot, apparently for dramatic effect, as these are not native to anywhere but African rain forests, altho I did see one once at an animal show in Florida. I get the blatant attempt to mimic Fixer Upper, but at least be authentic!

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