Del Rio hosts junior golf camp for kids 15 and under

Junior golf students hit the driving range at the Del Rio Country Club’s Junior Gold Clinic. The camp was held June 20-23.

BRAWLEY – The Del Rio Country Club hosted its annual junior golf camp for aspiring golfers June 20 through 23, to teach young golfers the fundamentals and etiquette of the sport.

Del Rio’s head golf pro Bob Galesko led the camp, and said their mission was to introduce new golfers to the sport by teaching them basic skills, like driving the ball.

On the first day, students warmed up by hitting the driving range. Following the warm up exercise, Galesko and partner Ryan Maring divided up the students by age groups to play the course.

While on the course, instructor Maring attended to the younger students, teaching them the basics of driving the ball and putting on the green. Maring also demonstrated the proper way to assist a fellow golfer when putting, by removing the flag from the hole when asked. Silence was also a key lesson, to show students the etiquette and manners of the game.

Galesko managed the older set of kids and informed students on procedures during a golf tournament. Students learned first how to mark their spots, by placing a coin directly behind the ball, to ensure players placed the top directly at the tip of the coin. The next lesson taught students that sportsmanship is an important aspect of golf.

“Golf is one of the only sports that requires the player to keep track of their own infractions and it is important for young golfers to remember that without this high level of sportsmanship, the game would be meaningless,” said Galesko.

The second day of camp picked up where the first left off, allowing these young golfers to work on their swings and gain better accuracy in driving the ball. To pick things up, the third day saw students split into groups by age to compete in a golf scramble.

To end camp on the third day, families of the young golfers showed up to support their children by watching them play an 18-hole match as students demonstrated results of their hard work in a friendly competition with fellow golfers.