DEF Seeks to Help Families of BESD



IMPERIAL- With Thanksgiving around the corner, people of the Valley start to wonder about those who might not be able to celebrate the national holiday with a full meal.

That is what Diesel Exhaust Fluids (DEF) Products tackled this past week with their food box drive. In an effort to help the families of the Brawley Elementary School District who might not have sufficient food for the Thanksgiving holiday.

With the help of the BESD school board, DEF provided 100 boxes of food to each of the five elementary schools in Brawley.  On Tuesday, the boxes were filed with holiday food needed  to create a Thanksgiving or large holiday dinner. This included two frozen chickens and an assortment of non perishables.

On Wednesday, 20 boxes were delivered to each of the five schools in the BESD district.  With the help of the principals’ families, the most needy were able to pick up their boxes before the end of school.

This is the second time that DEF has been able to provide the children of Brawley with a meal during the holidays.  Last year DEF was approached by Nutra Blend to create an event to help the children in the Imperial Valley. According to Sharon Stegmuller, DEF sales representative, they were inspired to help Brawley specifically because of the shut down of the Brawley Beef plant last year, which left hundreds without jobs.

Last year the event was for Christmas, but this year DEF wanted to do something that focused on the Thanksgiving meal.

“There’s so many organizations that rally around Christmas, we wanted to do something different,” said Stegmuller.

DEF hopes to continue this tradition for many years to come along with help families at other schools in the valley in the future.