Death Valley Sets New Temperature Record — for Coolness


Death Valley, Calif., which holds the world record for the highest temperature ever recorded, hit a high of just 89 degrees on Sunday, Aug. 3 — the coolest high temperature on record for the date.

Climate Depot, a website skeptical of manmade global warming claims, linked to an article in The Washington Post disclosing that the Death Valley temperature was 15 degrees lower than the previous record of 104 degrees set in 1945.

The Aug. 3 reading was just the eighth time that a high in the 80s has been recorded in Death Valley on any date in July or August. Weather records have been kept there since 1911.

Among the locations that were hotter than Death Valley on Aug. 3 were Boise, Idaho (99 degrees), Spokane, Wash. (93), Casper, Wyo. (92), and Missoula, Mont. (91), the Post reported.

The average August high in Death Valley is 115 degrees, 26 degrees higher than the Aug. 3 temperature.

Death Valley is the site of the lowest elevation in North America, 282 feet below sea level. It set the world’s hottest temperature record of 134 degrees on July 10, 1913.

The relatively cool temperature on Aug. 3 resulted from extensive cloud cover that blocked out much of the area’s usual intense sunshine.

Climate Depot also linked to a NewsBusters article citing some “ridiculous” claims from global warming alarmists about what climate change has done or threatens to do in the future:

  • July 2014 articles in several British newspapers suggested that redheads could be “extinct” in Scotland as the weather there warms.

  • A media source in Britain said some “experts” believed an increase in UFO sightings in the U.K. in 2008 could be linked to global warming because extraterrestrials are concerned about what man is doing to the planet.

  • In 2007, a scientist in Germany claimed global warming would make the earth spin faster on its axis due to a shift of water from the equator to the poles.

  • An Australian publication asserted in 2009 that global warming could endanger Italy’s pasta production by destroying the country’s durum wheat crops.


  1. The whole article is bunk. Climate Depot is a think tank like organization owned by people such as the billionaire boys.. the Kochs and others…

    • We had a wicked once in a while Monsoonal flow that caused rain up and down the state. It rained in Brawley, and then days later it was raining all day up in Mendocino.

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