Deadline Approaching to Register to Vote For California Primary Election 2016


You have just over a week left to complete your registration. Most residents can do it online — we’ve included the link to register.
There’s been a surge in voter registrations in California this year. In fact, more people registered in the first three months of 2016 than in all of 2015.
More than one third of the newly registered voters are age 25 or younger, widely seen amongst analysts as favoring Democrat Bernie Sanders. At a recent campaign rally in Stockton, Sanders told supporters that if he wins California, “I think you are looking at the Democratic nominee.”

A loss by Hillary Clinton in California could call into question her ability to get elected in November, as recent polls indicate that a potential match-up between Clinton and Republican Donald Trump would be close.

California has more delegates than any other state and our primary is winner-take-all. On the Democratic side, 11.5 percent of total delegates are in play: 548. For Republicans, because their divvy up delegates differently, the total is just under 7 percent: 172 delegates.

Whether you’re currently registered as a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or not registered at all–you may register or switch your party affiliation to have an impact on what happens at the upcoming conventions.

Registration deadline

The deadline to register for the June 7 primary is quickly approaching — May 23. Most people can register online.

Click this link to register to vote in California.
The link goes to the Secretary of State’s office. You only need three things to complete your online registration:

Your California driver license or California identification card number
The last four digits of your social security number
Your date of birth
If you don’t have a current California driver license or identification card, you will need to print out the registration, sign it, and get it into the proper hands by the deadline. So allow extra time to register if you don’t have the correct documents.
If you’re uncertain if you are currently registered to vote in California, check the status of your voter registration.

If you still have questions, check the Secretary of State’s Frequently Asked Questions page.