D.S. Arts Hosts 9th Gallery Night and Silent Auction

Paintings at the main display section at the Gallery Night & Silent Auction on Friday night.
Colorful paintings are displayed in the main section of Gallery Night & Silent Auction on Friday night.

BRAWLEY — Young artists realized the value of their talent, and as artists, their ability to give back to the community as D.S. Arts hosted its 9th annual Gallery Night & Silent Auction at Del Rio Country Club Friday night.

“Originally, it started nine years ago,” explained Deb Smerdon, owner of D.S. Arts. “We used to do this at my house because the people I worked with didn’t really understand the value of pricing their artwork and what it was worth. So we would have a little show at the end of the year and show what they did. It started with maybe five families, and now it has grown very large. What it does is educate the community to the value of art, and it shows young people that they can share their time, talent, and treasures. They can make a little money. They will keep 80 percent and 20 percent will be donated to charity. This year, we’ll be donating to the Wounded Warrior of Imperial Valley and the Pioneers Historical Society.”

Each art piece on auction was set at a reserve price to ensure artists recouped the cost of materials and made a slight profit. In addition, part of the cost supports charities here in the Imperial Valley.

“I think there is way more people this year,” said Smerdon. “It’s a really beautiful crowd and we just got a lot of things this year. We also included artwork from a school in Calipat and Desert Valley. We have more professional art pieces this year. Last year, we had little kid art. This year, these are all adults and advanced students that have been painting with me for years.”

The theme for the event was “New Beginnings,” which showcased art made from repurposed materials as well as art that celebrates the natural world. Paintings of wildlife and flowers and hand-painted eggs filled the Del Rio Country Club event center.  In addition to art on display, the event featured a silent auction, raffle, and hors d’oeuvres.

“I think it turned out beautifully,” commented Smerdon.

Guests at the event viewing the multiple works of art surround them.
Guests at the event view multiple works of art surrounding them.
Hand crafted and hand painted egg art projects on display at the event.
Hand-crafted and hand-painted egg art projects were on display at the event.