CWA National Director headlines Faith and Family Conference

Mario Diaz, legal counsel for Concerned Women for America


EL CENTRO – The local chapter of Concerned Women of America (CWA)  held a Faith and Family conference Friday night and Saturday morning at Christ Community Church in El Centro.  Grisel Colace and the CCC Praise Team opened up the evening followed by introductions by Esther Maston, Bill Hanes, and Ruth Smith.

The conference featured Kenda Bartlett, the Executive Director and National Field Director for CWA and Mario Diaz, the Legal Counsel for CWA and their Constitutional Law scholar. Both work in Washington D.C. and frequently find themselves talking to the congressmen and senators on Capitol Hill which is a mere two blocks from their office.

Diaz explained their work to the crowd gathered to learn what was happening through CWA, which according to Bartlett is the largest women’s public policy organization.

Bartlett explained that CWA began over the hill in El Cajon when local pastor Tim Lahaye urged his wife to not just complain about liberal feminist Betty Friedan claiming to speak for “all” women, but to do something.

Thirty years later the shy, but determined Beverly Lahaye’s organization now represents more women than any other women’s group with membership topping 500,000, has a staff of twenty in the nation’s capital and offices in 24 of the states’ capitals.

CWA has seven core issues, with the pro-life position being foundational. “If you get life wrong, you get the whole rest of it wrong,” Bartlett said.

“We are very different when we go to the senators’ offices than all of the others that go up there. We don’t ask for anything. We have it all. We are already free.” Diaz said referring to his Christian faith.

Diaz spoke how Christian persecutions are ramping up all over the world, including the United States. Hate speech is a way the government controls people’s speech. The secular government says repeating what the Bible says is a crime in some areas, and those areas are growing.

When politicians quote the 1st Amendment concerning religion, don’t fall for the phrase “freedom to worship”. That is not what the 1st Amendment says, but it is what the secularists want; to limit Christianity to worshiping inside the church, Diaz explained. Another limit the lawmakers are attempting is to exempt pastors from prosecution, but Diaz said the Constitution allows everyone freedom of religion and the free expression of religion, not just pastors.

Christians are becoming more paranoid of what they can and cannot say, but Diaz challenged the audience, “This is America. When did we quit being the home of the free and the land of the brave?”

He reminded all that “when we are on our knees, we are mighty.”

For more information on the Imperial Valley chapter of CWA see Ruth Smith, CWA’s new Area Director for California-Southern Counties at (760) 815-9803.