Customer commitment to energy efficiency generates big savings

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EL CENTRO – Customer participation in Imperial Irrigation District’s energy management programs soared in 2012. More than 9,000 of the district’s 145,000 customers participated in these programs, resulting in more than $9.2 million in incentives paid for energy-saving upgrades for the entire year.

IID attributes the increased participation to new energy management programs that were recently introduced, including a small business direct install program (energy-efficient upgrade), residential weatherization and refrigerator recycling.


“We found that customers were interested in saving energy and lowering their utility bills; however, it was difficult for them to make the initial investment in energy efficiency,” said Sabrina Barber, assistant manager of Energy Management and Strategic Marketing. “So, we researched programs across the country that directly addressed this issue and came up with a number of ways to implement energy-efficiency programs for small-commercial and residential customers.”


Through the new direct install programs, participating customers received an energy assessment of their home or business and the installation of energy efficiency upgrades by a specialist, based on the results of the assessment. Through these programs, customers were able to take the first step toward reducing their use, with little or no financial investment.


“We are pleased with the level of participation in our programs this past year,” said Barber. “The district would be unable to accomplish its energy savings goals without our customer’s commitment.”


As a result of the high program participation in 2012, IID saved more than 25.3 million kilowatt-hours of energy-surpassing its goal by 34 percent. In addition, the district was recognized as the public utility with the third highest energy savings for the year, among participating municipalities in California, according to the Energy Efficiency in California’s Public Sector 2012 Report. The report is compiled by the California Municipal Utilities Association, in partnership with the Northern California Power Agency and the Southern California Public Power Authority. Regarding energy savings, IID was bested only by the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.
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  1. And in the midst of the rubble-there is light and hope within. 95% of management and staff want an IID business transformation from one of an incompetent crony culture to one based upon performance, merit and reward. The core of IID staff and management is strong- we need to change how the Board operates within the crony business culture in order to fix the structural and reactive business issues. Hire a professional GM that can effectively implement a direction and the policy of the Board and who can transform and optimize the business culture. Until we get the Board’s hands and conflicts of interest out of the IID business operation nothing will fundamentally change but our manipulated perceptions.

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