County to receive $125,650 for Seeley Community Park


Press Release

The Department of Housing and Community Development Announced Imperial County to Receive Grant from the Housing-Related Parks Program of $125,650 for the Seeley Community Park Improvements

Seeley_ca_welcome_signEL CENTRO – The Department of Housing and Community Development within the Housing-Related Parks (HRP) Program has announced that Imperial County is to recieve a grant of $125,650 for the Seeley Community Park Improvements.

The HRP Program is designed to develop new residential housing related projects by rewarding those jurisdictions that approve housing affordable to lower-income households and are in compliance with State housing element law.

“We are pleased to see that the Seeley Community Park will recieve the grant as much needed improvements are long overdue. I am committed to continue seeking additional funding for the ongoing needs of the Seeley Community Park”, said Supervisor Michael W. Kelley.

Over the past several years the Imperial County has met with many of the residents of Seeley, and local groups regarding the much needed improvements and revitalization of the Seeley Community Park. The general consensus is that there is a dire need for a playground, adequate picnic areas, and ample shaded areas.

The HRP grant will allow the Imperial County to remove and replace the shades with two larger ones, install a playground, build two ADA (Van Accessible) parking spaces (off San Diego Avenue), concrete pads for the shades and ADA sidewalk encircling the playground. Additionally, the project would include four concrete picnic benches, two concrete trash containers and other features.