County to declare State of Emergency for quake damage



Tony Rohoutas, Jr
Tony Rohoutus, Jr. will ask the board of supervisors to declare a state of emergency after earthquake swarm





WHEREAS, Codified  Ordinance  No. 2.104.060  of the County of Imperial empowers the Assistant Director of Emergency Services to proclaim the existence or threatened existence of a local emergency when said County is affected or likely to be affected by a public calamity and the Board of Supervisors is not in session and the Director or Standby Director of Emergency Services are not available; and


WHEREAS, the Assistant Director of Emergency Services of the County of Imperial does hereby find:     ·



That conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property have arisen and continue to exist within Imperial County due to a series of earthquakes, including a 5.5, a

5.3, at least five earthquakes measuring 4.0-4.9 and a least thirty earthquakes measuring

3.0-3.9 all within several hours, causing severe damage to water_ infrastructure, power

infrastructure, and utilities such as power, gas and water, causing severe damages to

mobile parks, residents, businesses and other damage throughout the area which began  on the 2th day of August, 2012; and


That these conditions are or are likely to be beyond the control of the services, personnel, equipment and _facilities of said county and;


That the Board of Supervisors of the County of Imperial is not in session and cannot immediately be called into session.


NOW, THERFORE, IT IS HEREBY PROCLAIMED that a local emergency now exists throughout said County, and;


IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED that a copy of this proclamation be forwarded to the Governor of California with the request that he proclaim a State of Emergency exists and render available assistance as needed.


IT IS FURTHER PROCLAIMED AND ORDERED that during the existence of said local emergency the powers, functions, and duties of the emergency organization of this County shall be those prescribed by state law, by ordinances, and resolutions of this County; and That this emergency proclamation shall expire in 7 days after issuance unless confirmed and ratified by the governing body of the County of Imperial.