County OK’s one-of-a-kind in the nation MOU



Calexico’s General Consol of Mexico, Gina Cruz spoke to the board as Gustavo Roman, Director Child Services, looked on

EL CENTRO – The Board of Supervisors approved a Memorandum of Understanding with the Consulate of Mexico to empower both sides of the border to track and enforce child support cases.

Gustavo Roman, Director of Child Support Services, told the board that for international cases, both sides needed collaboration and corporation to best serve those dependent on child support.

Roman said that sometimes the custodial parent lives in Mexico, and they need help with the non-custodial in the Imperial Valley, or the case is reversed. With this MOU, Child support payments required by law are more likely to be tracked down and given to the custodial parent.

“This is the only MOU of its kind in the nation.” Ramon informed the board.

Ramon also credited Gina Cruz, the Consulate of Mexico in Calexico for her hard work and dedication working on her side of the border.

Supervisor Michael Kelley said, “You have both paved the road to success, this is a prime example of everyone working together to get things done.”