County finalizes preparation for this Saturday’s IV SCORE 250



EL CENTRO – With the first ever IV SCORE 250 race days away, Gary Wyatt, IC Intergovernmental Relations, asked the board to approve additional funding to cover additional costs occurred by the county in preparation for the race.


Earlier the board had provided $45,000 to fund the costs of public safety. Being the first time event, costs were estimated, not having previous experience and the $45,000 was an educated guess.


According to Wyatt, the charges incurred with the BLM took nearly the total budget.


Some of the unknowns the local organizing committee had to deal with included the level of participation from various law enforcement agencies, the needs to manage the event on private property, a closure plan adopted by BLM, a traffic plan that was finalized this week and numerous other factors that came to light after the Board’s previous decision.


The IV Score 250 county committee requested additional Off Highway Vehicle fund in the sum of $39,500 for the remaining costs of public safety and permitting.


The public safety organizations involved in this event will include the BLM, ICSO, CHP, El Centro PD, Border Patrol, IC Fire, Desert Security, IC Sheriff’s Explorers, Boy Scouts, and numerous volunteer groups.


The county is counting on the IV Score 250 race to showcase the valley as the off road capital and create new economic activity in the community.


  1. i think its a great event to bring to the valley, however, why are we paying for marty coynes permits and to manage the event on his private property. i think that would fall to him to manage. he wants it let him have it… at least the part on his property. if not then move it off of his land… come on county.. where is all the money going to be spent. on his vip bleachers, his vendor fees, where is it all at…

  2. so i say lets not manage it on private property. he wants it there let him manage it.. obviously he is the only one making any money here. what expenses has he put out?

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