County Approves Pilot Safety Program at IVC with Sheriff’s Office Deputies


ivcEL CENTRO — As the first day of school approaches, and in an effort to provide continued safety for students, staff and faculty, the Imperial County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to approve an agreement between the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office and Imperial Community College District to establish a pilot program that would hire and fund two Deputy Sheriff positions for law enforcement services at the Imperial Valley College campus.

The vote was added as an emergency item due to classes commencing Monday, August 15.

“I think it is going to be a good situation where we will be providing a different level of service at IVC,” said Ralph Cordova, Chief Financial Officer for Imperial County. “Essentially, the first year will be a pilot program.”

According to Imperial County Undersheriff Fred Miramontes, the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office (ICSO) will provide and assign two Deputy Sheriffs to perform law enforcement services on and around the campus, 15 hours per day from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., five days per week, Monday through Friday starting August 15.

ICSO will become the first responder to all law enforcement-related matters at and around the campus during regular hours the campus is open.

Duties include parking enforcement, patrolling of campus for unsafe actions, including but not limited to students engaging in unsafe play, rough play, skate boarding, bicycling, hover boarding or other disruptive/dangerous activities.

Officers will also patrol the campus for unsafe conditions including but not limited to broken concrete, damaged walking areas, other slip, trip and fall-type dangerous conditions. Other duties include assisting parking control attendants in in handling hostile or defiant persons involved in parking/driving violations and providing security escort services for students, staff and faculty as needed or requested, and acting as liaison with the evening administration regarding campus activities.

“With the incidents that happened last year all over the country and campuses, I think it’s a great move in the right direction,” said Miramontes.

The pilot program is for a one-year term. There will be no impact to the county’s general fund as funding for the services will be paid for by the Imperial Community College District.