County and Town rally for Boxing Against Drugs with Financial Generosity


IMG_0813WESTMORLAND — It has been an exciting past few months for Westmorland’s BAD boxing club and the Westmorland boxing facility known locally as Mono’s Gym. Both continue to provide Westmorland youth with a place of recreation and boxing training, while staying busy with gym renovations such as painting and the addition of new equipment, thanks to funds donated from Westmorland and the County.

“For the first time these kids are training in a gym that looks really amazing instead of an empty room with a ring in the middle,” said Luis Aguilar, a Westmorland Police Department Officer and boxing trainer for the Westmorland B.A.D. program.

“We’ve been getting a lot of help from right here in Westmorland. Even my Chief is making my work schedule easier for me. He is allowing me to use my time wisely, helping to train during my lunch breaks and work more with the kids’ schedules as well,” says Aguilar who has been serving Westmorland as a peace officer for the last 15 years.

The County donated $3,000 to the Westmorland boxing program, for new equipment expenses, gym renovations, and a brand new paint job.

File photo 2015 - Mono (with cap) puts his dukes up along with volunteer trainers and local youth
 Mono (with cap) puts his dukes up along with volunteer trainers and local youth

Along with the BOS, the Westmorland’s America’s Best Value Inn and Best Western in Brawley donated over $500 in boxing gear, making sure the team looks sharp as they trek to the Desert Championships later this week in the Desert Showdown Tournament at Fantasy Springs in Indio.

“A major thanks for the help we’ve gotten from the County, and Luis Ruiz of the America’s Best Value Inn and Best Western in Brawley,” added Aguilar.

“All were trying to do is show the kids we care,” said America’s Best Value Inn and Best Western General Manager, Luis Ruiz.

“We are a very small community and these kids put in a lot of hard work and dedication to their craft, and if we can provide them with a spark of support, their hearts and determination will carry them to extraordinary heights.”

Along with the backing from Westmorland and the Imperial Valley as a whole, the B.A.D. Boxing team has also received support from within the team as a few “team moms” have stepped up to the plate and helped keep the team rolling in any way they could.

“We’re also getting lot of help from some of our parents, including Andrea (Torres) and Maribel (Aguilar). They help us with the registration, paperwork, and make the work a lot easier for us,” said Aguilar, adding, “It is a very exciting time for the Westmorland Boxing Against Drugs program.”