County and Air District Announcement of Cooperation with IID Related to QSA Litigation


Imperial County logoEL CENTRO – The County of Imperial and its Air District announced today through the office of Ralph Cordova, executive officer, their welcome and support of the initiative of the Imperial Irrigation District that identifies sources outside the Imperial Valley that can realize the permanent stabilization of the Salton Sea and fulfillment of all mitigation responsibilities to protect the public health.

They will join IID in this effort, including efforts to produce settlement of outstanding QSA-related litigation and restoration of the Salton Sea.

The response can include a joint request to the Superior Court to stay the litigation at the appropriate time and before judgment, consistent with Rules of Court. Accordingly, the Board of Supervisors directs staff and counsel in the interim to continue their coordination with IID staff and counsel to ensure that all avenues of cooperation are defined and realized.