Council approves agreement with One World Beef




BRAWLEY – The Brawley City Council approved an amended water supply, wastewater treatment fee, and capacity reservation agreement between the city of Brawley and One World Beef Tuesday at their regular meeting.

The existing agreement the city of Brawley and National Beef, Inc. was still valid, even though National Beef ceased operations in 2014. At that time, the city was addressing several subjects, including the operator’s transition to fully metered commercial rates for water and sewer. The existing agreement is transferable.

Some of the highlights of the changes in the agreement are that the city of Brawley may reclaim the capacity at the city’s water and wastewater treatment plants, should operations cease at the facility for a period of five years.

One world beef wanted to change the discharge points from one to two locations. This amendment will allow for the separation of the industrial and domestic discharge.

Mayor Donnie Wharton commended the efforts of staff and One World Beef on getting the agreement finalized.

“I want to show my appreciation for staff’s efforts,” said Wharton. “I know the work done on this agreement by staff and One World Beef took extensive amount of time to get to this point. I look forward to an announcement of One World Beef opening soon. This agreement is a big step towards that end.”