Cosplay at the Mall Brings Spirit of Comic Con to the Valley


EL CENTRO – The major conventions of summer may be months away, that doesn’t stop valley locals from cosplaying for the holidays.

The group called Imperial Valley League of Cosplayers held a Cosplay at the Mall event Saturday afternoon in El Centro at the Imperial Valley Mall in hopes of bringing that con spirit to the valley for those who would not be able to attend one.

Cosplay is the abbreviated term for “costume play,” and is used to show appreciation for a video game, comic, or anime series by dressing up as characters.  Some dress up for the fun, others because they see it as an art.  Either way cosplay has spread to the valley and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

The group is made up of college and high school students from all around that valley who, according to founder Marcial Mendez, all share a love of cosplay.

This meeting at the mall was the IV League’s fifth event at the mall since June 2011.  A contest was held for best cosplay in individual and partner categories as well as what is considered a traditional ride on the mall carousel for group members.


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